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Bangladesh Visa - Apply

Citizens of most countries require visa to enter Bangladesh. The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra determines the type and category of visa and duration of stay depending on purpose of visit. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Island and Vanuatu may apply for visa. Citizens of other countries may apply only when they are residents in these countries.  

How to apply:

1. Apply online at the following link:

2. Make the payment. (Please see https://canberra.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Modes-of-Payment

Visa fee varies depending on applicant’s nationality. (please see Visa Fees)

3. Please submit the following documents at the High Commission:
  1. Original passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity.
  2. Printed copy of the electronically submitted visa application form.  
  3. Two recent photos.
  4. Proof of payment.
  5. Document supporting the purpose of visit (For details, please see below)
  6. In case of sending the documents by mail, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring signature on delivery) or arrange pre-paid return courier (Please see more on https://canberra.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Modes-of-Delivery )
Processing Time

At least ten (10) working days except for Journalists which may take about one month. However, Issuance of any visa may take longer time if reference has to be made to Bangladesh for clearance. The High Commission reserves the right to accept or reject any application for visa without assigning any reasons thereof. Visa application will not be processed until all requirements are fulfilled. 

Please note: 
  • The Consular Officer may ask for an interview of the applicant and / or submission of additional information or documents.
  • Any misrepresentation of facts may lead to cancellation of visa at any time.
  • The High Commission is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier.
  • For applications in person- please appear at the High Commission between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on the working days. No application in person would be received beyond this time except in case of emergency.
Visa fees: (Click here)
Modes of Payment: https://canberra.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Modes-of-Payment
Supporting documents to be submitted:
Tourist visa: 

Travel itinerary/air ticket reservation

Places to visit in Bangladesh

Accommodation confirmation or invitation letter from a sponsor/host.

Business visa: 

Invitation letter from a business organisation/establishment in Bangladesh

Letter from local business organization with ABN identification, clearly stating the purpose of the visit.

Employment/Work visa: 

Letter of employment from the employer in Bangladesh

Letter of concurrence from the concerned Ministry of Bangladesh Government/ Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA)/ Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)

NGO Visa: 

To work in a non-governmental organization (NGO), the applicant should furnish the letter of appointment or engagements from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh and a “No Objection” certificate from NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh.

Student visa: 

Letter from the concerned educational institution certifying the admission and Bank statement or Certificate of financial guarantee.

Investor visa: 

Letter of recommendation from the Bangladesh Ministry of Industries or Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Dhaka or BEZA, Dhaka.

Missionary visa: 

Letter of appointment/recommendation from the Church and “No Objection Letter” from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bangladesh. 

Diplomatic and official visa: 

Note verbale or Third Party Note (TPN) from the concerned government office /Mission in original.

Media personnel/Journalist visa:

(in order to produce video/TV/film/documentary or to make any report/interview for print or electronic media or for other purpose, etc.):  Letter of recommendation from local institution/authority and letter of invitation from Bangladesh. Duly filled in “Application form for Foreign Journalist FF-1 & FF-2”, in addition to the visa application form.


Letter from an Institution / organization in Bangladesh and letter of concurrence from the concerned Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh.  

Tabligh (Ijtema): 

Recommendation letter from local Tabligh Jamaat Markaz & recommendation letter from Central Tabligh Markaz in Dhaka and travel itinerary/air ticket reservation