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Endorsement for No Visa Required (NVR)

Endorsement for No Visa Required (NVR)

The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra endorses "No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh" (NVR) to Bangladesh-origin citizens of Australia & New Zealand and Bangladesh origin citizens of USA, Canada and countries in Europe resident in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Island and Vanuatu on their foreign passports. Their spouses and children (not grand-children) are also eligible for endorsement. The endorsement allows the holder to enter into Bangladesh as long as the passport remains valid.

How to apply for NVR

A) Procedure for No Visa Required (NVR) seal at Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra

1. Apply online at the following link:

2. Make the payment. (Please see https://canberra.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Modes-of-Payment)

3. Please submit the following documents at the High Commission:

i) Original passport with minimum six (06) months validity.

ii) Printed copy of the electronically submitted visa application form.

iii) Proof of Bangladesh nationality:

a) Certified copy of Bangladesh passport/national identity card/Birth Registration Certificate containing a 17-digit number ;

b) For children born outside Bangladesh- a certified copy of birth certificate along with certified copy of Bangladesh passport (valid or expired) or national identity card of father/mother;

c) For foreigner spouse- a certified copy of marriage certificate and certified copy of passport (valid or expired) or national identity card of the spouse;

iv) Proof of payment.

v) Two recent photos. 

vi) In case of sending the documents by mail, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring signature on delivery) or arrange pre-paid return courier. (Please see more on Mode of Delivery)  



Modes of Payment: https://canberra.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Modes-of-Payment

Processing Time

At least ten (10) working days.

Issuance of NVR may be delayed if reference has to be made to Bangladesh for clearance.  


B) Procedure for No Visa Required (NVR) seal at consular camps organized by Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra

The Government has decided to cease issuance of handwritten visa and NVR. In order to implement this directive, the High Commission will not issue handwritten NVR at the consular camps organised by the Mission in all parts of Australia (except NSW and Queensland) and New Zealand. 

i) Procedure for NVR endorsement in the camp: NVR service seekers who want to receive NVR seal in their passport in the camp, have to follow the procedure below:

ii) Applicants who will be unable to submit their online application within the stipulated time, they can submit their application in the camp along with passport, other required documents and a self-addressed prepaid return envelope. Applications collected in the camp will be processed in the High Commission later and sent through the return envelope to the applicants in due course. In that case, the applicants will not be able to receive the NVR in the camp.

iii) Procedure for obtaining machine readable NVR from the High Commission (Chancery) will remain unchanged.

Please note: 

  • The Consular Officer may ask for an interview of the applicant and / or submission of additional information or documents. 
  • Basic Information (name, date of birth, place of birth) of an individual must be exactly the same in different documents (e.g. Bangladesh Passport and Australian/New Zealand Passport)
  • The High Commission is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier.
  • For applications in person- please appear at the High Commission between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on the working days. No application in person would be received beyond this time except in case of emergency.