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VISA - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

বাংলা ভার্সন ডাউনলোড করুন (পিডিএফ ১১৩ KB)


  1. How many days are required for processing visa? 

Answer: At least ten (10) working days except visa for Journalists which may take about one month. Besides, there may be delay if reference has to be made to Bangladesh authorities. 

  1. Does the High Commission issue E-visa?

Answer: No; Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra issues only Machine Readable Visa (MRV).

  1. Is personal interview mandatory for the visa applicants? 

Answer: Personal interview is not mandatory for visa applicants. But the Consular Officer may ask for an interview of the applicant and/or submission of additional information/documents.

  1. How to make payment for visa fees? 

Answer: Please follow the links of the mode of payments & visa fees: khttps://www.bhcanberra.com/consular-services/modes-of-payments;


  1. Does High Commission, Canberra issue transit visa?

Answer: No, Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra does not issue transit visa.

  1. Does the High Commission issue visa to holders of Travel Documents? 

Answer: Yes. But, the consular officer may ask for additional information or interview in person.

  1. Which documents are needed for visa?

     Answer: i) Original passport with a minimum 6 (six) months validity

                    ii) Printed copy of the electronically submitted visa application form  

                    iii) Two recent photographs

                    iv) Proof of payment

                    v) Document supporting the purpose of visit

                    vi) In case of sending the documents by post, please send a self- 

                       addressed pre-paid registered return envelope. 


  1. Which Bangladesh Mission will issue Visa/Travel Document for the residents of NSW and Queensland?

    Answer: Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sydney (https://cgbdsydney.gov.bd/)

  9. Who is eligible to receive on-arrival visa for travelling to Bangladesh?

  Answer: i) Persons of Bangladeshi descent and their spouse and children;

                  ii) Foreign diplomats and Government officials; 

                  iii)  Foreign investors and businessmen;

       iv) Foreign nationals invited by the Government of Bangladesh to participate in any government meeting, seminar, conference, or other event.

10. I wish to visit Rohingya Camp and Chattagram Hill Tracts areas in Bangladesh, can I obtain a visa to visit these areas?

Answer: A tourist visa is not sufficient to visit these areas. It is necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to visit Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh. A clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh is also needed to visit Chattagram Hill Tracts areas. 

11. Will the visa fees be refunded?

Answer: All Fees, once the application is received/processed, are non-refundable, even if the application is withdrawn or service denied. 

12. The Online Visa Application system does not accept any special characters at all. Please replace any “-, #, /, etc” with a space, except for telephone numbers that need to be continuously entered, when completing the online application. All sections which need to be completed will be marked as mandatory. The system will not save your application if these sections are left unanswered.

13. Please disregard the “N.O.C. from Sri Lankan High Commission” in the Part-7: Document Check List of Machine Readable Visa Application Form.