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Other consular matters - FAQ


বাংলা ভার্সন ডাউনলোড করুন (পিডিএফ ৬০৬ KB)

Power of Attorney:

  1. Which documents are required for a Power of Attorney?


 a. The original “power of attorney document” and a set of photocopies;

 b. Power giver’s Bangladesh passport (valid)/ National ID/ Digital Birth Registration Certificate (17 Digit) and for foreigners his/her passport of Australia/New Zealand/ Fiji/ Solomon Islands/Vanuatu/Samoa/Tuvalu;

c. Power receiver's Bangladesh passport (valid)/ National ID/ Birth Registration Certificate;

d. Two copies of recent passport size photographs (with white background) of both the power giver and power receiver are to be affixed;

e. Proof of payment;

f. In case of sending the documents by post a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope or arrangement of pre-paid return courier.

  1. Is physical presence mandatory of the principal/power giver at the High Commission? 

Answer: Yes, physical presence is mandatory and there is a need for a prior appointment. However, personal appearance before the Consular Officer of the High Commission is not obligatory if the document is attested by Department/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective government of Australia/New Zealand/Fiji or by the Honorary Consul General/Consul of Bangladesh. Then the documents need to be countersigned by the Consular Officer of the High Commission.

3. Can a Power of Attorney be solemnised using a virtual platform?

Answer: No, “power of attorney document” must be signed before the consular officer.

4. What is the next step after attestation from the High Commission?

  Answer: Attested papers are to be endorsed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh within 03 months.

5. What is the amount of fees for Power of Attorney?

Answer: For each set of documents, fee for the first page is A$ 11.00 and for each subsequent page, the fee is A$ 6.00 per page.

Driving License Verification:

1. Which documents are required for verification of license?

Answer: i) Application to the consular officer.
              ii) Copy of information page of Bangladesh passport.

             iii) Copy of Driving license (both page)

              iv) Payment receipt

2. Can the High Commission reissue a license against a lost driving license?  

Answer: No; an applicant then will have obtain a police report and contact BRTA for reissuance of driving license. 


3. What is the fee for verification of Driving License? 

Answer: AUD $15 

4. How is the verification process work?

Answer: An applicant can send application through email/ post or directly to the High Commission. The application is sent to BRTA, Dhaka for verification. After getting verification report from the BRTA, the High Commission issues authentication certificate.

5. How many days are required for the verification process? 

Answer: Generally 30 days, but it could take longer period.

Police Clearance

1.For police clearance what types of documents are attested by the High Commission?


  1. An application addressed to the concerned Commissioner of Police/ Superintendent of Police/ Officer-in-Charge in Bangladesh (in accordance with the permanent address of the applicant) mentioning the authorized person's details who will submit the application and collect the police clearance certificate from the Police Authority.

  2. Photocopy of the Bangladesh Passport.

2.What documents I need to submit for a police clearance certificate?


  1. Original passport is required. A certified copy will serve the purpose in the absence of original. (Certification/attestation may be done from any authorized person in Australia or New Zealand like Councillor/JP//GP/Teacher/Notary Public/Solicitor/Public Servant about their identity).

  2. Proof of payment.

  3. In case of sending the documents by mail, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring signature on delivery) or arrange pre-paid return courier.


3. Is there any prescribed format for the application?

Answer: Please click here.

4. What is the rate of fee?

Answer: A$ 15

5. What is the mode of payment?

Answer: Please see the mode of payment section. (Click here https://www.bhcanberra.com/consular-services/modes-of-payments )

6. After getting attested from High Commission, what’s next?

Answer: Please visit https://pcc.police.gov.bd for more information. 

7.  What is the procedure for foreign nationals?

Answer: Foreign nationals are advised to apply through their respective diplomatic missions of their countries in or accredited to Bangladesh. If in case their countries’ not having diplomatic representation in Bangladesh, they may apply at this High Commission with the following documents: 

Documents to be submitted:

  1. An application addressed to the High Commission (mentioning the period, address & purpose of stay in Bangladesh).

  2. Photocopy of relevant pages of passport(s) held during stay in Bangladesh showing name, photograph, date and place of birth, date of issue and expiry, visa(s) and dates of entry and exit.

  3. Photocopy of relevant pages (bearing name, photograph, date and place of birth, date of issue and expiry) of the existing Passport.

  4. Photocopy of any other photo identity, if any, held during stay in Bangladesh.

  5. Office and residence addresses while in Bangladesh and any supporting document. 

  6. Photocopy of similar documents, mentioned above, or work permit of father or mother or legal guardian if the applicant lived in Bangladesh as a dependent child.

  7. In case of sending the documents by mail, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring signature on delivery) or arrange pre-paid return courier. (Please see more on Modes of Delivery).